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Why Yoga? Why Forrest? 

I practiced Vinyassa and Bikram primarily before I found Forrest Yoga. Since 2015 when I found Forrest I can hand on heart say my life has changed.


Ana Forrest, the creatrix of Forrest yoga, is one fierce lady, who transformed her life using the techniques she now teaches through the Forrest system. The long holds, the focus on strong core work, and based on integrity means it is not a practice for the faint hearted.


I LOVE it. It teaches you a different way to work with the body due to its importance on alignment. Ana trained with Iyengar and it shines through. I hated my body for a very long time in my life and thought I was obesely fat since the age of 9. It is only since practicing Forrest have I started to reform this belief. For me this is life changing! Physical ailments have completely transformed as well since practicing Forrest.


It can be life changing for you as well but you do have to show up. We are here to support you along the journey.


Group Classes

A variety of group classes are held throughout the week suitable for all levels.

All classes are available on Zoom and recorded if you miss the class. 

Check out the timetable to book your spot or book with the appropriate host.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is an accessible entry into yoga developed to help every single body experience the benefits of the practice. 

Classes are held in various locations. Check the weekly timetable on Facebook for more information. 

Class Payment Plans

Click this link to see the full list of membership and class pass options. These can be purchased and then class passes assigned against the desired class. 

All classes are available online and in person. 

Pregnancy Yoga

I am an advocate for natural birth and nourishing mum and child after birth. 

I will support your journey however you chose to bring your precious one into the world. 

Pregnancy yoga is offered on a one to one basis or a group of friends. 

Contact me directly for more information.

Seated Side Bend

Corporate / 

Retreats / 

Special events

I partner with amazing individuals all over Northern Ireland to offer retreats, special events and corporate yoga. 

I offer Forrest yoga, Pranyama classes suitable for all levels. 

These can be tailored to meet your exact needs whether it is corporate team bonding, retreat heaven or pre-wedding day calming 

Chair Yoga
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