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Mind, Body and Spirit

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Consultation

A full detailed health consultation takes place with an Aromatherapist, covering everything from current ailments, diet, family history plus much more. We look at both the physical and emotional body. 
A treatment plan and unique blend is created for the client to take home. 

The Aroma Reflex is a lovely treatment to add on to the consult for additional benefits. 


Please Allow 60mins
Initial Consultation £60 

Please Allow 45 mins 

On-Going Consultations £45 

Please allow 60mins

Consultation plus Aroma Reflex £65

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If you are feeling tired, stressed, fatigued, run down or overly sensitive this is the treatment for you. This is a very gentle touch experience to nourish and deeply soothe the body, mind and spirit.


You will leave feeling refreshed, re-nourished and revitalised.

The combination of touch and the therapeutic essential oils helps the release of oxytocin, having a positive effect on mood and energy.


It is a divine experience 

Please allow 60 minutes


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A powerful treatment combining the power of Aromatherapy and working the reflex points of the feet.

The treatment includes a 10 minute personal health consult so that the perfect bespoke blend can be created for your needs on that day and a blissful foot treatment working on the reflex points which really will relax and renourish. This treatment induces feelings of relaxation and re-balance. 


Consult can be omitted and oil blend chosen by scent if preferred.


This is one to be experienced

Please allow 45mins

Investment £50



Reiki is an Japanese form of hands-on healing.
It is believed that a one hour treatment is the equivalent of 4 hours sleep making it one of the most effective natural stress relievers available to us. 


Regular Reiki treatments leads to a greater sense of Inner peace and greater vitality. Greater clarity is gained for moving forward with your life purpose. 


Please allow 60mins 

Investment £50 

Ancestral Healing

A very powerful healing takes place on the family line. If you are experiencing the same patterns of fighting, scarcity, illness throughout your family, it may be time for you to end the cycle.  

I will work on the mother line on the first session and then the father line. You must have the emergency healing essences kit in your possession before I will complete any healing. These Kits can be purchased through myself. 

This is a distance healing modality. You are not required to attend the session. 

It is time to end the cycle of destruction. 

Family Meal
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Your Gateway to optimum Health

By clicking the link below you will be directed to the Doterra site to enable you to set up your own account for full purchase control and saving benefits. 

Your account will be linked to mine and we will be able to work together to ensure you get the best use of your oils. 

I will be your go to person for any and all questions you may have. 

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