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Hunter's Equine Aromatherapy, Rehabilitation and Therapeutics

At HEART we are leading the way in Equine care. We offer Rehab Livery, Zoopharmacognosy, Reiki, Barefoot trimming, Equine Touch, Legerate and centered riding training. We are leading the way in education here in the North West for enhanced equine care. 

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Rehab Livery
Equine Therapies 


We offer a very bespoke family run livery yard. We keep it small and uncompetitive and the good energy of the yard is paramount. 

We aim to follow the guidelines outlined in the Compassionate Equestrian and those wishing to stable their horses here are asked to read the book. 

We operate a track system so horses have access to as much turnout as possible year round. 

More suitable for happy hackers than the serious competitor where the wellbeing of the horse comes first ALWAYS! 

Equine Therapies

I am very drawn to natural therapies and when it comes to my horses I am no different. I offer my horses Equine Touch, Reiki and Zoopharmacognosy to aid their healing journeys. What I find fascinating is that on any day a horse may select a different therapy, some horses respond better to some therapies than others. 

It is a great learning in letting the horse lead - they know better.  

Treatments & Courses

We offer a wide range of treatments at the yard and also a wide range of holistic courses for horses and horse owners. 

Equine Aromatherapy with Zoocog principles

I offer treatments for your horse at your own yard or you can travel to mine. I also offer courses in Aromatherapy with Zoocog principles to help you understand how to use these powerful oils with your own horses. I have been studying aromatharpy for over 10 years, Zoocog for 6 years and I am currently undertaking further study with Caroline Ingraham the founder of Zoocog. 

Barefoot Trimming

All our horses are barefoot and trimming is supported by the super talented and knowledgeable Lara Sportelli. 

Lara also runs Barefoot trimming training for owner courses at the yard throughout the year. 

Equine Touch 

Heather McReynolds is a renowned Equine Touch trainer and we are very blessed to have her as part of the team here. 

Heather is currently offering the Level 1 Equine Touch course here with the intention of offering Level 2 in the future. 

Equine Reiki

Reiki is a very powerful healing technique which has been used for generations. It can be done in person or at distance. 

When done at my yard it takes place under the infra red healing lights for additional healing properties. 

We run regular courses where you receive your attunement. Follow us on Facebook for dates throughout the year. 

School of Lightness

Our yard is supported by the amazing Martha Payne a trainer of the School of Lightness. 

Martha does regular lessons at the yard and supports and develops training plans as required. 


Body Awareness with Centered Riding

Linda Van Der Horst is a very skilled coach and has kindly agreed to share her wealth of knowledge at the yard. She offers lessons and also is the FIRST sure hoof practitioner here in Northern Ireland which is a super treatment for helping horses build more confidence in themselves. 

If you’d like more information about our courses or treatments,

get in touch today.

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