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After a long break from yoga, I was looking to return to a class where I could trust the instructor, feel comfortable with where I am at and feel inspired to have yoga as part of my lifestyle going forward.

Jai, from the outset has been very welcoming, understanding, sensitive and true - her style suits me perfectly. Not only is she a very experienced and proficient yoga teacher, she is a kind, smart & empathetic human with a sense of humour and a beautiful voice (both speaking & singing!) There is no judgment, no pressure but she always manages to get me to work hard and do my best.


I have been doing yoga with Jai for over 6 months and hope to continue for many years to come. I always feel better after a yoga class with Jai, she provides food for thought as well as everything else you would expect from a yoga class.


I would highly recommend Jai and if you try her for yoga, you will soon discover she has other amazing gifts as well that will enhance your wellness journey - a lucky find for me for sure

I came to Jai with a small prior experience with Yoga and a 53 year old aching body in crisis with a variety of issues.


It wasn’t long before I realised the type of Yoga she teaches was ideal in supporting my recovery without stressing my weaknesses.


She helped me start where I needed to start and supported my progress from months of limited mobility and pain on to greater strength, balance and a pain-free mobility.


The poses that were once impossible are improving all the time and the lasting impact of Forrest Yoga affects every day’s activities in a positive way.


I look forward to practicing more.

Sarah Nawn

Carmel O'Callaghan

After many years depending on prescription drugs for my IBS, heartburn and other digestive issues I was finally introduced to Doterra oils! 

Instantly I felt relief and can honestly say I very rarely use prescription drugs anymore. Peppermint, digestzen and Frankincense are my go to's. 

I have Asperger and coming up to exams I was feeling a little anxious with so much being in play. I was introduced to Doterra Oils by Jai. Now I start my days with Intune, balance and On Guard which helped me focus on the task in hand and I end the day with Lavender which helps me sleep beautifully.

I feel Intune and fully OnGaurd.   

Hazel H

James B

This place is totally awesome. Treatments are fabulous & the blends are made there and then for your own tailored treatment.


Great knowledge, understanding & ability.


A must visit location x

I contacted Jai when my daughter broke her arm just 4 weeks ago! Jai made me up a blend that I applied daily.

Well, today's hospital appointment was a very positive and unbelievable one! We said goodbye to the cast 2/3 weeks earlier than expected!!

I believe that my daughter's healing process was improved with the blend that Jai put together for her!

I am super appreciative and would highly recommend Hunter Aromatics!

Sarah G

Kerri Chapman

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